What’s New November 2001

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Date of Update


November 11, 2001

  1. New!A new page introducing the issues behind the Doha WTO meeting has been added. With the fourth World Trade Organization Ministerial Conference in Doha, Qatar, from November 9 to 13, there have been many concerns and criticisms from non-governmental organizations and developing countries on the unfairness and non-democratic nature of the various processes and issues at the WTO. Qatar was the chosen venue because of the restrictive laws on protesting. Find Out More »
    - Related Section(s): Trade Related Issues

  2. Some additional articles on various aspects of the war on terror have been posted. Articles include those on the issue of the media, of the geopolitics and more, and are from various authors and web sites around the world. Find Out More »
    - Related Section(s): Middle East / Geopolitics

  3. An International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture was adopted at the beginning of November 2001. While still criticized as a somewhat weak treaty, a welcomed aspect of this treaty is that it will prevent the patenting of food that has not been genetically modified, so that traditional and public knowledge will remain public. The treaty adopted by a vote of 116 to 0 with two abstentions (the U.S. and Japan). Find Out More »
    - Related Section(s): Genetically Engineered Food / Trade Related Issues

  4. New!A new page on the recent COP7 global warming meeting has been added. October 29 to November 9, 2001 saw the seventh session of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Conference of the Parties (or, COP7 for short). The purpose of the meeting was to agree legal text covering outstanding technical aspects of the political agreement reached in Bonn in July 2001 on how to implement the Kyoto Protocol. While an agreement resulted, there are still concerns that there will be little impact on emissions as a result. Find Out More »
    - Related Section(s): Global Warming

  5. There are various techniques in propaganda to garner supporting views and opinions. When it comes to preparing nations for war, actually reporting war, or even in non-military issues, propaganda is used to help portray the required image. Find Out More »
    - Related Section(s): Mainstream Media / Geopolitics

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