What’s New November 2003

This page lists recent changes made to this site such as new pages, or updates to existing sections. The "Find Out More" links will take you to the changes. If this jumps to the middle of a page, you can scroll up to understand the context of the new information a bit further.

Date of Update


November 27, 2003

  1. Updates to the military expansion section have been made. The original page has been split into a number of smaller pages. In addition, the section on economic interests behind military expansion has been updated with a comparison of the Roman Empire and the United States today.
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    - Related Section(s): Geopolitics / Trade Related Issues

  2. Updates to the Iraq section have been made. Updates include media propaganda issues, security issues and the geopolitics including some more about the claims of the Iraq conquest one day being an inspiring example of bringing democracy to the Middle East region.
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    - Related Section(s): Iraq / Middle East / War On Terror / Propaganda

  3. More money is transferred from poor countries to the rich than the other way round. It is often believed that a lot of aid is given by various rich countries to the poor. However, in reality, the amount given is often far below the promised amounts. Furthermore, the final amounts are far less than what the richer countries get from the poor through things like third world debt, first world subsidies on key industries and other aspects of unequal trade. Updates to the section on foreign aid have been made to include more information on this aspect.
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    - Related Section(s): Sustainable Development / Trade Related Issues

  4. The impacts of agribusiness on the environment, animals and people are numerous. Factory farming is described as cruel to the animals that are farmed because of the inhumane conditions. In addition, the resulting problems from such conditions lead to diseases and other problems that require antibiotics and other drugs, that not only make their way into our food chain, but also result in anti-biotic resistant strains of bugs and other diseases. The waste from factory farming, such as the excrement leads to a lot of pollution, and local communities are affected. In addition, small farmers are often impacted by big agribusiness. An update towards the end of the section looking at beef describes this more, showing that beef and related industries are also an example of wasted capital, wasted resources and even wasted labor.
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    - Related Section(s): Behind Consumerism and Consumption / Causes of Hunger / Causes of Poverty / Trade Related Issues

  5. A sub-section on media and globalization has been added. This new part of the media introduction page starts off with a look at how globalization and media has impacted India. A liberalizing economy with a large middle class, media programming is increasing potentially helping local industry and exposing people to more diverse cultures and view points than ever before. At the same time, there have been negative impacts for women, the poor and others as some changes are happening very quickly.
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    - Related Section(s): Mainstream Media / Free Trade and Globalization