What’s New August 2003

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Date of Update


August 31, 2003

  1. New!A new page about the 5th World Trade Organization Ministerial Meeting to be held in Cancun, Mexico has been started. This meeting, to be held in mid September is of immense important to determine various issues related to trade and therefore has a big impact on rich and poor countries alike. As with previous meetings, this one faces tough challenges. For example, critics are concerned about the lack of democracy that these meetings have had in the past and that the same problem will persist this time round. In addition, the influences of rich countries give an unfair advantage over poorer countries in trade rules, which is another major concern. Leading up to the meeting, some prominent critics have already been put on "watchlists" for appearing to criticize the current world system in various ways. This page starts off by providing a high level view of the backdrop to this meeting, and resources to other web sites. As the meeting ends this page will be updated accordingly.
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    - Related Section(s): Free Trade / Corporations / Sustainable Development / Causes of Poverty / Trade Related Issues

  2. Updates to the Iraq section have been made. Updates include more about media related issues, about intelligence issues such as the claims made by the BBC against the British government and the fallout that it is causing, about the attempts to form a U.S-appointed Governing Council, the bomb blasts at the UN headquarters in Baghdad and more.
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    - Related Section(s): Iraq / Middle East / War On Terror / Propaganda

  3. Some extra information about media reporting on Africa has been added. The introduction to the Africa section has been updated with more about how little reporting there has been on African issues in influential western media outlets.
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    - Related Section(s): Mainstream Media / Geopolitics

  4. Some additional media links have been added. The section listing other web sites for media related issues has been updated with a few more additions.
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    - Related Section(s): Mainstream Media

  5. A few additional articles on various aspects of the "war on terror" have been posted. Articles include those on the war on freedom and some geopolitical issues.
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    - Related Section(s): Middle East / Geopolitics

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