What’s New April 2006

This page lists changes to this site for April 2006.

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While probably not a new claim, a documentary in the UK some weeks ago showed how Tony Blair, the police, and even parts of the media have all contributed to fabrications, spin, and lies in the war on terror. For example, there was no Ricin discovered in the so-called Ricin plot—although it was used by the British government and raised as part of the US presentation in February 2003 at the UN Security Council to justify war on Iraq. A plot to blow up Manchester United’s football (soccer) stadium was fabricated. Tony Blair has asked for many rushed policies some of which have not even been necessary, to fight the war on terror. All in all, a lot of deceit has led to a reduction in public trust of government, police, media, and intelligence services.

Energy security issues cut across a number of global issues, such as environmental issues, geopolitics, development, economics and more. A new section has been started on this issue, as many people have been asking for it. Unfortunately due to time constraints at the moment, it is quite short, but over time I hope to grow it.

India’s new patent laws bring them in line with the restrictive WTO laws, making it harder to produce generic drugs, which are cheaper and often life-saving. Furthermore, with India’s highly skilled, though cheaper labor force, pharmaceutical companies see it profitable to do testing there on the poorer people. However, those drugs are not usually for them, but instead for the markets of industrialized nations.

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