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An overview of the Climate Change Conference (also known as COP 19), held in Warsaw, Poland in November 2013.

Predictably and sadly, the same issues have resurfaced: West stalling on doing anything, lack of funding, disagreement on priorities, etc.

This page is an overview of the Warsaw Climate conference and also includes a feed of latest news stories from Inter Press Service’s coverage of the conference.

In recent weeks there have been more questions about whether climate change has paused, or even stopped. However, it seems that maybe these suggestions are coming from looking at long term surface temperature changes only which do seem to have shown a small decline in very recent years. But the bigger picture shows that overall, unfortunately, warming continues.

The dip in warming in recent years is surface temperatures only. When looked against a sufficiently and more appropriately larger time frame, and compared to the much larger warming occuring in the oceans, that dip is miniscule

In addition to more details and images about the above issue, the climate change introduction page was updated with additional notes about rising emissions and the super-storm typhoon Hiayan.

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