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Updated figures on arms sales between 1999 and 2006 shows that a select few developing countries were again the main focus for arms sales in 2006, although overall sales ($40 billion) that year were slightly down from 2005, the year with the highest sales in the period covered ($46 billion). The top arms sellers throughout this period were the US, Russia, France, United Kingdom, and Germany. The bulk of the sales went to developing countries, mostly to India, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Israel, Pakistan, South Korea, South Africa, and Singapore. Graphs and charts have been updated.

Reporters Sans Frontiers (Reporters Without Borders) issued a worldwide press freedom index for 2007. As expected, democracies ranked the best, with totalitarian regimes at the bottom. As with their previous index, major countries ranked somewhat lower than what many may expect. Canada and Germany where the highest ranking G8 rich countries, but only ranked 18th and 20th while the lowest ranked G8 countries were the US (48th) and Russia (144th). Some poor countries ranked quite well, compared to where many would expect such countries.

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