What’s New February 2010

This page lists changes to this site for February 2010.

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The devastating earthquake that hit Haiti earlier in January has led to immense coverage of the ensuing humanitarian emergency.

But Haiti’s problems are numerous and goes back decades. A combination of a long turmoiled history, outside influence/interference preventing local democracy and development, political instability, environmental degradation, poverty and natural disasters all combine making it incredibly difficult to see how Haiti will be able to get out of its present situation.

The Haiti page on this web site has been updated to provide an overview of the earthquake related problems that occurred, though is not an up to date service on the relief efforts. However, the page has a lot of background information on Haiti from a geopolitical angle, which may provide some background and context to the nations’ troubles and challenges.

(The Inter Press Service news coverage on Haiti carried by this web site may be of interest for more up to date stories.)

Racism can be found in many places around the world, often rooted in complex historical circumstances mixed with contemporary issues and conditions. The racism article on this site was getting quite old, so it has been updated with a few more examples and background information. More will be added over time.

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