What’s New January 2002

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Date of Update


January 26, 2002

  1. The U.S. and E.U. have more differences over genetically modified food. Environment group Friends of the Earth received a letter of the U.S. response to the World Trade Organization on European Union proposals to improve the safety testing of genetically modified foods and to widely increase consumer choice and information. However, the U.S. has been criticized for putting increasing pressure on Europe to weaken its proposed laws on GM foods and crops. Around the world, people have protested against the political and economic motives behind the push for genetically engineered food. Increasing criticism also abounds that GM technology, the way it is currently being pushed, will not contribute to solving world hunger. A few updates to this section on genetically engineered foods have been added.
    A Huge Wave of Public Concern »
    "GE Technologies will solve world hunger" »
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  2. Are global public health campaigns succeeding? That is probably a hard question to answer so soon, but in recent years there have been high profile mega million dollar donations to help in improving health world wide. But long before and since these donations and initiatives, millions of people have been dying each year from easily preventable diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis, etc. This is on top of the more highlighted AIDS epidemics in various parts of the world. Yet, pharmaceutical companies have come under a lot of criticism for not really focusing much on such issues because while there is a "market" in terms of people in need, most are poor and cannot afford to pay. We saw this in great detail with the issue of AIDS and multinational pharmaceutical companies attempting to prevent poor countries like Brazil and South Africa from making cheaper, generic AIDS drugs. For other diseases and illnesses as well, giant pharmaceuticals are coming under scrutiny for supporting global health initiatives in order to promote expensive vaccines, etc, which the poor cannot afford. Find Out More »
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  3. A few updates to the media section have been added. This includes some additional information on the military and propaganda, as well as issues to do with concentrated ownership in the mainstream media and the impacts that has on things like democracy. Find Out More »
    - Related Section(s): Human Rights

  4. A few additional articles on various aspects of the so called "war on terror" have been posted. Articles include those on the issue of the media, of the geopolitics, articles from various authors and web sites around the world. Find Out More »
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