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At the 1992 UN Conference on Environment and Development (the Earth Summit), the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) was born. 192 countries, plus the EU, are now Parties to that convention. In April 2002, the Parties to the Convention committed to significantly reduce the loss of biodiversity loss by 2010.

Perhaps predictably, that did not happen. Despite numerous successful conservations measures supporting biodiversity, the 2010 biodiversity target has not been met at the global level. This page provides an overview on how the attempts to prevent biodiversity loss is progressing.

The Convention on Biological Diversity came into being many years ago. Most nations are party to the convention and agreed to meet a 2010 target to reduce biodiversity loss. Unfortunately, most indicators show those targets have not been met, despite increased conservation efforts.

This update includes additional details, numbers, graphs and charts on the scale of biodiversity issues, including new sections on the impact to inland water systems, additional information about deforestation, dwindling fish stocks, climate change impacts on lizards, how indigenous communities can often be guardians of nature, and an overview of attempts to address many aspects of biodiversity.

It has long been recognized that rapid climate change can have a severe impact on biodiversity and on the ability for ecosystems to naturally adapt.

This page was quite old and had barely any content, so has been completely rewritten to look at the impact climate change will have on biodiversity in the arctic as well as the implications of increasing ocean acidification and more.

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