What’s New October 2004

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Extreme weather may be a sign of things to come, as seen by the successive strong hurricanes in the Atlantic that devastated a number of Caribbean islands and parts of the United States. Rising ocean temperatures due to climate change increases the chances of more storms like the recent hurricane Ivan. Russia also recently decided to ratify the Kyoto climate change treaty. Without Russia's decision, this treaty to curb emissions was looking like it would not come into effect. Update added to the global warming introduction section regarding this.

The articles include a couple that look at the changing nature of terrorism, and on the 9-11 investigation.

Hundreds were killed, including children as the siege of a Russian school ended in violence. Chechen rebels committed this grotesque terrorist act following two other recent acts of terrorism as it fights for independence from Russia. The struggle has been brutal for years, with Russian forces being accused of gross human rights violations in Chechnya. Chechen rebels, becoming increasingly militant are also turning to gross human rights violations to aide their cause. Small update added regarding this.

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