What’s New June 2005

This page lists changes to this site for June 2005.

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2003, which are the latest figures available, shows a continued trend of arms sales mostly to the Middle East and Asia. While there is a decline in overall sales, the trend of selling to a few countries, and to human rights abusers continue. Updated graphs and numbers.

The US military budget for 2006 has increased to over $440 billion and the US still remains the highest spender, almost higher than all the rest combined. Updated graphs and numbers.

As the recent massive Millennium Ecosystem Assessment shows, global environmental degradation is severe endangering the planets capability to sustain us as we waste resources and put more and more pressure on ecosystems. Small update added.

The US Air Force is pushing for weapons in space. Yet, this would go counter to the major international agreements such as the Outer Space Treaty and the Prevention of Outer Space Arms Race resolution. Small update added.

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