What’s New February 2004

This page lists recent changes made to this site such as new pages, or updates to existing sections. The "Find Out More" links will take you to the changes. If this jumps to the middle of a page, you can scroll up to understand the context of the new information a bit further.

Date of Update


February 24, 2004

  1. The page on Haiti has been updated. As crisis affects Haiti once again, these updates provide some additional background and context.
  2. Updates to the Iraq section have been made. Because the page was getting very long, it was split into a number of smaller pages. Updates include issues to do with the media, weapons of mass destruction and intelligence investigation issues.
  3. The primer on Neoliberalism has been updated. This update adds some additional information about how neoliberalism developed.
  4. The Global Warming introduction has been updated. Additional information has been added on the potential impacts of global warming and the vicious circle of effects they can lead to.
  5. The biodiversity section has been updated. This small update adds additional information about the impact of global warming on biodiversity. Biodiversity is already suffering from a massive onset of extinctions. Climate changes may make the situation worse.